Manitoba Public Insurance and Workers Compensation are directly billed and they pay 100% on approved cases to a predetermined maximum. Extensions in care can be applied for in more complicated cases.

We are happy to direct bill Private Insurance plans that will accept direct billing from doctors of chiropractic. Our full service fee includes the direct billing service when applicable. Patients who do not have private insurance or who wish to administer to their private plans for reimbursement will have their fee adjusted because they will not be utilizing our direct billing services.

Manitoba Health partially covers seven (7) visits per calendar year. Our patients with Manitoba Health coverage are still personally responsible for the uninsured portion of their visits – often uninsured fees may be covered through Private Insurances such as Blue Cross, or Great West Life, however, coverage varies from company to company and plan to plan. Our uninsured fees are as follows:

 Initial Examination  $60.00 ($55.00 if paid same day)
 Subsequent Visits with MHSC  $50.00 ($45.00 if paid same day)
 Subsequent Visits without MHSC  $55.00 ($45.00 if paid same day)
Customized Orthotic Inserts $425.00 – $550.00 depending upon required modifications and specs – Physician prescription is often required.


(new injury or 3 month + lapse in care / reactivation)

 $55.00 – $120.00 (depending upon complexity)

Acupuncture Services               

 $55.00 for Initial  Eval.

$65.00 per session ($60.00 if paid the same day)

By Appointment Only

performed by:

Dr. Audrey Toth,   D.C., C.A.F.C.I.        


 $75 per area viewed (uninsured fee)

Supports, icepacks, pillows, etc    

 Priced as quoted at the time they are prescribed.